Wednesday, 20 April 2011

things i have learnt over the past few days.

peppers don't agree with me  ("yes we do!" says a pepper) 
apples give me indigestion 
cheese makes my nose itch (after I eat it not just beacuse it exists, cheese that is not my nose. Although now I think about it which did come first the cheese or the nose?) 
have a craving for ginger beer at 7am 
Tesco shopping turns me into an evil version of Jason Bourne from the Bourne Films; I call him Jamie Bourne
You can tell the age range of a BBQ simply be overhearing the music; if you hear several Phil Collins songs its a safe bet its an over thirties BBQ that will start out sensibley and end up with adults drunkenly jumping on a trampoline whilst singing along to Sweet Caroline.
If its mainly Justin Bieber and The Saturdays you can hear wafting through the airwaves then it will almost definitely be an under 23 BBQ that starts out sensibly, before ending up with grounded children banished to there room whilst adults drunkenly jump on a trampoline and sing along to Sweet Caroline.
The older you get the more time you spend swearing at the television.

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog, makes me feel somewhat normal. However, you have made a spelling mistake which concerns me...

    With regards to people over 30 listening to Phil Collns, I myself enjoy a few of his records but haven't approached 30 yet so feel this may not be true????