Tuesday, 19 April 2011

a really annoying pixie called Gerald

So in order to try and banish the monday morning blues I have tried various methods including:

Going to bed early
Going to bed late
drinking tea
drinking wine
drinking beer
drinking hot chocolate
drinking squash
treating sunday like its the end of the world
treating sunday like its a pretend saturday night, with movies, snacks and stuff
imagining that monday is the start of what could be the best week of my life.

Well it’s best to say none of these worked. Which leads me to the only conclusion I have left; Monday morning is the work of the devil, or at least a really annoying pixie called Gerald with a moustache and a pen in his top pocket.

Gerald’s main duties seems to include positioning a grey cloud of impending doom over your head at approximately 6pm on a sunday evening and switch it to 'rain melancholy' mode for the rest of the day and then ensure that when your alarm does goes off on Monday you feel like you have had around ten minutes sleep. Perhaps if your Gerald is feeling particularly spritely he made even thrown in a ‘'isn’t it Sunday?' feeling just as you wake up to ensure maximum annoyance.

It has occured to me that the funtime weekend elf (the arch nemesis of the sunday pixie) is not taking his duties seriously and seems to be knocking off work around lunchtime on sunday afternoon.

Infact this Saturday even felt like a Sunday so he may have even bunked off work even earlier to spend more time sunbathing leaving Sunday Pixie to cover his shift!

So you may be wondering how to combat these little blighters? Well there isn't much you can do accept do your best to ignore them, they will go away eventually (at least by Tuesday) and like a brat filled with hyperactive sunny delight, if you don't humour him he will eventually dissapear in a sulk and hide in the laundry basket until next week.

Remember that Monday is the start of what could be the best week of your life! (whacks the sunday pixie with a wooden spoon).


  1. I think I have several pixies all telling me to go back to sleep and not get up for work (or the early morning at the gym) - sometimes I like my pixies LOL