Thursday, 21 April 2011

hidden talents

what happens to all the hidden talents people have if they are kept hidden?
You know when you find out someone you have known for 20 years suddenly announces that they were a virtuoso violinist at the age of 16, with dreams of travelling the world with the Halle Orchestra but somehow ended up working in a post office listening to grey people complain about stamp prices.
I sometimes wonder if these hidden talents get resentful at all about the adulation and respect that luckier 'used' talents get? much like an x factor winner who doesn't get Simon cowells full attention and has to resort to singing covers of Boyz 2 Men songs in the local gala bingo hall whilst passers by think he looks a bit familiar "maybe he was alfie moons cousin Doris?"
With this in mind I am starting a campaign (some say movement, mind you some say shut up) to unleash your hidden talents, in order to make life more fulfilling, the world a better place and to make sure that talents can live a happy long life, like free range chickens with their own range rovers and banjos.
So whether you have a gift for playing the ukulele, juggling choux pastry buns, writing piano sonatas or just simply turning wallpaper into fire I am calling for you all to use your hidden talents! gather on the streets and show the world your gifts! I am looking to see a gathering of the hidden talent army to march on the streets of London and other places like a mobile X-Mens Got Talent show.
Alternatively you can stay at home watching Olly Murs grumbling that that should have been me whilst drinking cider while your hidden talent teams up with an ulcer to perform 'don't you want me baby' in your stomach.

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