Tuesday, 23 August 2011

a coarse and unpleasant instrument

"Lincolnshire was historically associated with the Lincolnshire bagpipe, an instrument derided as a coarse and unpleasant instrument in contemporary literature, but noted as very popular in the county. The last player, John Hunsley of Middle Manton,[16] died in 1851,[17] and since then the instrument has been extinct."

I think we should bring this instrument back, its obviously overdue for a revival. How bad was it that its last player died and its become extinct. Thats extinct, not unpopular or overlooked but actually extinct. How many other instruments have gone the same way as the dodo? should there be a charity set up to try and protect these troubled creatures? and who is going to be next? Are the triangle's numbers dwindling to a worrying degree? Is the glockenspiel struggling to find food in the current climate? Do we need to try and get the washboard and the spoons to try and breed in order to keep them going? I feel a campaign coming on.....
from wikipedia

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